Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday, June 23

Today started with many kids eager to hug and climb all over us right when we stepped off the bus. Just imagine 3-4 kids climbing all over you and no stoping them. Some had no pants and still were as  lovable as ever. My guy “PePe" had no pants and was always all over me wanting to be held.  We climbed the beautiful mountainside from the Batey.  Once we got to the top we could see the beautiful sugar cane fields and the vast needs of the Batey.  We  even climbed a mango tree and had a mango, not that we were supposed to. But if we did and it was worth it.  The language difference has been difficult but we have been able to over come it with playing baseball, piggy back rides, kickball and walking to see their casa. 

Construction went very well today removing debris and laying gravel to be leveled out for cement to be poured over the gravel for the floors hopefully tomorrow. The plans are for the house to be finished by Friday.

Many relationships were made today, for instance at the accent La Romana God led me, Patrick, and John Forrest to a swimming pool and we came out feeling better than ever. So besides making relationships with kids we also made better relationships with each other. 

Looking forward to another day loving on the kids tomorrow!

-Blake Rogers