Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wednesday, July 24

I HAD THE BEST DAY!  I was on the dental team today and it was a great experience! When we arrived at our batey the medical and dental crew of doctors, dentists, chaperones, translators, and students went about setting up for the patients.  I was kept busy either cleaning instruments or shinning light into the patients mouths.

The highlight of the day was a tie between holding babies and pulling out a tooth!  Dr. Amy was a great teacher and my patient was kind and brave.  Granted he probably didn’t know it was my first time holding pliers in my hand!  Our evening activity was a trip to the local pizza place by the river.  Although the food has been fantastic this week.  It was a delicious reminder of home.  They served us gourmet pizzas (mine had eggplant on it!) and passionfruit juice (I had 3 glasses).  To complete this awesome day we had our reflection time on the roof of the mission house.  As we gazed at the stars we felt peace on our group because God has blessed us richly on this trip.

-Laura Leffel

It is really tiny but I promise it is there!:)